Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1994 Saban Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Card #61 Battle of the Zords.

Damn those Zords they never learn their lesson! Dynazord never stood a chance against the powerful Megazord. Poor fellow.

Tommy and I got into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers only for a brief time. I admit I allowed us to get swept up in the Power Ranger hype, giving in because "all the other 6 year olds are watching it". After three or four episodes though, the shallowness and repetition was revealed: Power Rangers go to school, bad aliens cause havoc, Power Rangers become Power Rangers, Power Rangers fight the Putties, Power Rangers win! Even Tommy threw up his hands in dissatisfaction when by the third episode we were introduced to the evil alien Eye-Guy. C'mon! Eye-guy?! The Putties weren't any better. After being terrified of them in the first episode we saw, they were looking pretty ridiculous a couple episodes later. And those Michael Phelps body suits have GOT to go! Similar to the Christmas-Eve-Gotta-Have-A-Batman hysteria, I succumbed to the Gotta-Have-A-Red-Power-Ranger panic. Remember that? Well, below is a photo of what eventually came of Tommy's Red Power Ranger.


A sad end to a nice collectible. I wonder if I should collect up the remains and put them in a zip-loc for safe keeping. May be worth something some day. Not sure what the cord was for. Maybe to connect into the other Power Rangers when they transformed and then combined into the Super-D-Duper Zord-a-Something. Who was the Bad-Ass that got to drive that thing anyhow?


My name is Tom. said...

OK, I took artistic license on the remains of the "supposed" Red Power Ranger. I can neither confirm nor deny that these remains are indeed from the Red Ranger. Lets just assume that they are. OK?

tommy tessier said...

actually dad, the red ranger was always the pilot of the great machines. that is, until the green/white ranger "Tommy" came along. haha. yeah, power rangers were cool, but nothing compared to batman and rocketeer. great post!