Thursday, July 17, 2008

1989 Topps Batman Series 2

Long before Batman the Animated Series, I introduced Tommy to the Batman through trading cards of the Micheal Keaton movie and by some old DC Comics action figures I had. The action figures were pretty tame, but standard practice before I allowed my boy to see anything questionable, was adherence to a strict censorship of the cards. Some of those characters can be pretty frightening for a little kid; the Penguin comes to mind. I recall a card that would have given Tommy nightmares and a deathly fear of any zoo's penguin colony exhibit. The card had a mugshot of Danny Devito as the Penguin, pale white face, sharp pointed nose, decayed teeth, and what looked like blood dripping from the corners of his mouth! Nightmares indeed! To the trash receptacle for you Mr Penguin.

Of course after a brief introductory period Tommy had to have a Batman costume, which my wife dutifully made. The costume was so popular she ended up making a few more for some of Tommys buddies.

I thoroughly trained him in all things Batman. Given my first hand knowledge, I had Tommy convinced (OK, maybe for about 10 seconds) that I indeed WAS the Batman, and that every night, after he was asleep in bed (but he HAD to be asleep), I'd don my outfit and depart out into the night to fit crime. "Where's the Batcave?" he'd ask. "Can't tell you." "OK, where's your outfit?" "Can't tell you that either." As he'd turn his head to verify this with mom, I'd vigorously nod - the unspoken signal to agree with me. Of course, she'd always say, "You'd have to ask your Dad." Bahh! That's a sure sign I've been pulling his leg!

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tommy tessier said...

I love this batman card, dad. i remember another card from this series...i think it had his bat mobile with flames coming out of the jet engine. i think there is another one where he is fighting jokers goons. haha, yes! if you come across those will you show me? oh, and also, we STILL need to see the dark night. i love you, dad. have a good trip...and don't get caught up in any espionage on your secret mission tomorrow.

your buddy