Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1995 Skybox Adventures of Batman and Robin

Card #61 "Sideshow - After trapping Batman, Killer Croc lets his true nature show by attacking the circus freaks who took him in."
Thats not very nice Mr. Croc. Cant you see you're scaring the female high-wire performers seen in the background?

Our all-time favorite superhero would have to be Batman. I think that this was solidified for me and Tommy by the Batman Animated Series that came on in the early 90's. We were drawn to the sharp and colorful animation, the extreme art-deco, and the great assortment of villians. Of course we collected all the action figures and trading cards too. Every weekday we'd park ourselves in front if the TV at 4:30 to see who the Batman would defeat and bring to justice. The first Christmas after his intoduction to the Animated Batman I found myself in a frantic search for a batmobile. I was too late to find one, everyone was sold out by then, so I came up with the idea that I'll just make my own. On Christmas Eve I found a plastic black Corvette at the local Thrifty, just about the right scale. I wanted to convert it so that a figure could sit inside, so I cut the roof like a sun roof and cut out the steering wheel and floorboards so the action figures legs could stick out. I then made a template of the Batman logo and painted it on the hood. I was up till midnight, but the next morning my exhausting effort was rewarded as Tommy was overwhelmed with excitement, convinced it was a real batmobile!

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