Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1997 Burger King Kids Club Dino Data


Let's see: in 1997 Tommy would have been 9, and we loved Burger King Whoppers.  I think that the Whopper is still his favorite.  And you know Burger King had kids meals with cool stuff inside.
And by cool stuff inside I mean DINOSAUR CARDS!

Now let me ask you this first off, looking at this T-Rex card, don't you think it'd be pretty jacked up to be such a huge badass and have such puny little girly arms?
No wonder the dude was so ticked off all the time.

To back up my point, note the facts pointed out about T-Rex:
...giant head and body...
...heavy tail...
...huge..bird feet...
...strong claws...
...arms were teeny...

If T-Rex were reading this, "CRAP!" just raced into his mind.
His arms are so small he can't even hide his face in shame.

The card goes on to say that his teeny arms "were strong enough to pick up two men."  Seriously? Sorry Rex but nobody believes that load of crap.
You got puny arms Man, you'll always have puny arms, they're useless, just deal with it.

Since I don't recall anything about these cards, and I can't find anything about them on the net, I have make a lot of assumptions about them.

I know that they are 1997 Burger King and part of the Kids Club program.
Pretty safe to say that they're called Dino Data cards.  
I'm gonna go out a limb though and guess that the poindexter kid is named I./Q.

Did you see that?

That's bad English, Man.
What's the slash doing there?
I.Q. stands for...well...I.Q.!

Never in my entire life have I seen a slash in I.Q.
Whatever.  Everybody's gotta be different.

Pack-E-see-full-A-soar-us is a bone-head (no pun intended).
Never been one of my more favorite dinosaurs.
He just bugs me for some reason.
Maybe because I think some out-of-luck paleontologist, who wanted to be known for something, made this guy up to get his name in the Dallas Morning News.

I find it hard to believe that there was bone-head dinosaur going around ramming his head into things.
They didn't have aspirin back then.
Makes no sense.

These were the only two Dino Data cards in the box so I'm assuming they came in a package of 2 cards per kids meal.  And I don't think Tommy ever lost anything except his first retainer that went out with the trash from his lunch tray, so I suppose we only hit Burger King up this one time during this promo.

McDonald's was probably competing with Hot Wheels or Transformers at the same time.  Damn them.

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